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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


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Our Story

I'm always grateful that God made me a lady. My mother, who is no longer with us, has influenced me greatly thus far. But I never forget her guidance or instruction. The lessons I picked up from mom while she was still living are sufficient for me to express my womanhood and are likely the driving force behind my pleasure. I am happy. With a meager family budget, we were raised to appreciate and make the most of what we had. My acquaintances at Ravenshaw Girl's High School in Cuttack could never tell how well off my family was financially from the way I always appeared content with my possessions. I had studied art and craft from my mother and had begun to follow in her footsteps. 

After getting married in 2001, I moved to Delhi and spent nearly five years there. Since we didn't have a consistent source of income, I have had many ups and downs in life, but we quickly overcame them. I used to create my own bamboo jewellery at home for my own usage as a craft hobbyist. I cherished that more than gold or any other priceless jewellery. My spouse, however, would not agree because he found the idea absurd. After almost 17 years of marriage, he discovered an old bamboo earring I created in Delhi one fine morning.

I'm not sure if he saw my potential or just loved wearing eco-friendly clothing, but he demanded I choose bamboo-based jewellery once more. Make lemonade when life hands you lemons! I started to align my hand and mind to live out my passion because I was so ecstatic. I also came to the realisation that whatever I was doing years ago is now more important. To get eco-friendly—a term I had never heard before. What you see me doing today is rest.

My motivation is similar to following your passion. But I also worry about the forced emigration of people, especially women and girls, from our state in search of employment. While travelling from Delhi to Surat, I recall a scenario at the train station. The misery of the numerous millions of Odia workers who endure dangerous conditions outside was plain to see. As the crowd attempted to board the unreserved compartments, I observed the Railway Police treating them like cattle. 

For years, I was unable to get any rest because of my respect for both myself as Odia and as a woman. It always gave me difficulties. In addition, I discovered a purpose in my enthusiasm as a nature lover with the aim of educating women in the creation of ecological jewellery.

Making environmentally friendly jewellery is my main emphasis. Make waistbands, back clips, earrings, bangles, and necklaces out of solid bamboo. I occasionally make eco-friendly trims and accessories like buttons, clips, and hangings for ethnic clothing, as well as Rakhees, wristbands, and other items during festive seasons.

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